Easy Publishing. Amazing Quality.

JRNL makes recording, preserving, printing, and sharing journals easy and affordable and we've taken it a step further with MissionJRNL.

We've set out to make capturing moments on your mission easy and publishing your journal even easier. Every account comes standard with a Free 150-page Mission Book™ either in black and white or color and printing to hard-bound books is our staple and we continue to set the standard for online journaling and personal archiving. Now your mission book will be as great as your mission.

Book Pricing Examples

The final cost of your printed book is calculated using total page count and the custom print options selected during configuration. Users always receive a final price and book preview prior to purchase. Shipping is not included in the examples below.

Book Size Estimate
Black & White 6" x 9" Book
Up to 400 pages FREE
+200 pages Approx. $20
+500 pages Approx. $50
Full Color 6" x 9" Book
Up to 150 pages FREE
+68 pages Approx. $20
+390 pages Approx. $105

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to ship my book?

Shipping costs will vary depending on your geographic location. During the BookBuilder™ checkout process, users will be presented with a shipping cost prior to purchase if they are located in the United States. Listed below are the two (2) considerations made during checkout that will impact the overall cost of shipping:

  • Domestic Shipping - all packages shipped domestically in the United States.
  • International Shipping - all packages shipped outside of the United States will require a manual confirmation and processing from JRNL.
Q: How many copies can I print? Is there a discount if I buy more than one book?

Users can print up to forty (40) books from the automated BookBuilder™ process. Higher quantities will need to be verified by a JRNL representative prior to order processing. Users must include current and accurate contact information during checkout in the event JRNL needs to contact you to complete your order.

Q: What kind of paper does JRNL use with their hard-bound books?

All books are printed using white 60lb digital opaque acid-free paper. What is acid-free and why does it matter? Well, if an acidic product comes into contact with paper, photos, textiles or other similar items, the acid can migrate, causing permanent damage and decay. This is why it is so very important to use good quality acid free materials for the preservation of your printed and bound journal.

Q: What options are included with the book?

All JRNL hard-bound journals come standard with a full color dust jacket and standard black cloth which closely resembles the look and feel of canvas.

Q: Can I print photos in my hard-bound journal?

Yes. Photos included with journal entries are printed inline in the order they are entered into the system. Photos are printed in both black & white and color books.

Q: How long does it take to receive my book?

Once an order has been processed, books are typically processed, produced and shipped within eight (8) business days and regularly within five (5) business days. During high-volume periods, such as the holidays, books may take fourteen (14) days to produce. All books are shipped via United States Postal Service.

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