We want to give something to all of you who volunteer to serve.

It's a wonderful calling that you have accepted. As a young man, young woman, retired individual or couple, you've made a conscious effort to change lives, including your own. You inspire us just like you inspire your family. You're a chosen generation that will bring about great change through love, kindness, charity and your amazing example.

While you serve, there are so many that support you and follow your every move. We use you as an example to the Youth and you're a reminder to those who have gone before you that everything is moving forward as planned.

You may not realize it while it is happening, but one day you will see the fruits of your labor. You will fully understand that the little things will make all the difference. You will understand that the small, yet gentle touch on someone's heart, will leave an impression that will be felt decades--and even generations--from now.

Your story matters. Your testimony matters. The best two years of your life matters. Your time away will go by surprisingly fast. One day you're knocking on doors, sharing your testimony and giving service and the next you're back home sharing your story while everyone listens and marvels at the lives you've changed, especially yours.

We built MissionJRNL because we know that keeping a journal today is different than it used to be. We know that you tell stories, share moments and want your voice to be heard. It's how we do things today and we know it's making a difference. We're here to help you capture it all. We're here to help your parents and Ward family serve vicariously through you. And through it all, we know that one day, you're going to open your mission book and share it with your children and every moment and every story will come rushing back. That makes us smile. That's what we're about. We hope you'll take us along for the ride.

With love, admiration and respect,

The JRNL Team

Back Row (L to R): Steve, Nick, Lindsey, James, Casey, Dick, Shannon
Front Row (L to R): Zach, Ian, Amy, Taylor, Cole, Jan
Not Pictured: Lucas, Josh, TJ

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